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Add-ons | S-Tech Bangladesh



You can choose from a wide range of options depending on your specific needs. All the add-ons work with all our solutions. You may want a mobile app so your customers can join the queue before they even arrive. You might also want audio or visual guidance. Whatever you select, the quality is high and everything is designed to speed up the customer flow.


Lets customers beat the queue, get directions and save time. Queuing is a fact of life. When it is managed, it’s a business opportunity. Beat allows you to deliver service in a relevant way and straight into the customer’s palm. Your customers will be happier with a serving process that is fair and clear – and that even offers directions. You will be happier because your process will be more cost effective and you will soon find that you can serve more people with less resource.

Key features of Beat

Gives directions and service time

Customers get clear and instant directions, since Beat can use GPS. It also informs them when they need to arrive.

Identifies right location

Beat directs customers to the location with the service they require.

Instant notification

You get instant notification when a customer selects a service, so that your staff can prepare and you can manage resources.

Improve service

Use Beat to match the customer’s selected service with the right staff and competencies – and at the right time.

Delivers messages and information

The smartphone is a perfect surface for delivering relevant messages and useful information for the customer’s arrival.


Speed the process and give certainty. Call customers with a polite voice in any language. People can get distracted while waiting to be served. Perhaps they are looking at merchandise or messages, for example. Choral is real voice prompt that allows you to politely call your customers — and speed up the process.

Key features of Choral

Reduces stress, increases professionalism

Using Choral eliminates the stress of having to call out for customers and makes your service more professional, organised and polite.

Voice of confidence

Voice prompts offer reassurance since customers can hear that people are being called forward and served. As a result, they tend to move more quickly.

Clear direction

Choral gives your customers clear direction – reducing hesitation that can slow down the serving process.

Studio quality

Choral has 16 bit resolution up to 48 kHz sampling and two channels.

A human voice

Choral is a real voice delivered digitally. Simply put, it is human and sounds human – making your service seem friendly and real.


Every organisation wants to get its message across. The challenge is to do it in a way that engages the audience. That means delivering useful, helpful and engaging content. Cinematic allows you to do exactly this and, because you can combine your content with service information, you know your content is being looked at. Simply put, everybody benefits.

Key features of Cinematic

Keep it simple

Bandwidth can be expensive. Using Cinematic means you don’t need PC’s or live streaming. All the content is stored and ready to be played when and where you need it.

Be creative

It’s not just what you say, but how and where you say it. The ability to control still and HD moving images means you can be creative and deliver important, entertaining and engaging content.

Connect the dots

Delivering a consistent message at every point of contact is not easy. If you combine Cinematic with our Customer Journey Planner you can control the message that appears on a number of surfaces throughout the customer’s journey — and get your message to where it counts.

Complex made simple

Bringing all the content elements together, on your screen, could be complex. Queue information, pop up’s and moving images. Cinematic takes that complexity and makes it smooth and simple.

TV in

Cinematic gives the capability to plug in any type of video feed. This means that you can enhance your own content with entertainment, which further reduces the perception of waiting time.


Giving your customers clear direction for a long time to come. Hesitation and confusion is a waste of time for everybody. By providing clear direction, Notes helps speed up the flow and gives customers confidence that they are moving in the right direction. Much more than just LED’s, Notes way finding displays are flexible, cost effective and designed and manufactured to last the lifetime of your situation.

Key features of Notes

Long, trouble-free service life

Thanks to high manufacturing quality, Notes offers a mean time between failure of 590 years for exceptional reliability and low cost of ownership.

Built-in intelligence and memory

Notes has the intelligence to manage itself, reducing communication traffic and increasing reliability. All text and messages are stored in the unit, freeing up valuable memory space in your system.

Available in multiple colors

You can deliver a message in one color and use a different color for another message. Or have different colors for different services using multiple displays together.

Flexible fonts and character display

You can use any font or language, including Arabic and Chinese, and animate text as you wish to highlight a particular message.

Lightweight and easy to install

Notes displays are lightweight and easy to mount. The signal and power travel down one cable for quick and easy installation.


Reduce hesitation again and again for a faster service process. For certainty and speed in the calling and serving process, consider Coda. It is easy to implement and use. In fact, for staff it is as simple as pressing the call button. And you can feel confident knowing that the process is running as you intended, every day. Perhaps most importantly, your customers will be both pleased and reassured by the smooth service flow and delivery.

Key features of Coda

Supports one or multiple services

Use the two-button, Next and Close, version, to call a line of customers. If you offer multiple services, the multi-button version will call the right customer to the right service.

Compact design – big impact

Coda features a compact design that frees up limited space on the server’s desk or service area.

Low power

Considering the impact it makes in terms of speeding up your service, Coda requires very little power – helping to keep your energy cost to a minimum.

Long service life

Coda has been designed and manufactured at our facility in Sweden to give you long-term reliability so that you can get the most from your investment.

Easy to install

Installation is quick and easy – simply plug in the cable and Coda is ready to call customers forward.


Score is a fully web based business intelligence (BI) option. It is very easy to use being, for example, fully drag and drop based. Score is ready to integrate with third party data to create even clearer pictures of your business. Its powerful graphical approach means it’s easy to get right to the heart of the important questions and answer them, just when you need to. You can even see your vital business intelligence on smart devices in the hands of your staff.

Main features of Score


Designed to meet your exact needs the Reports function within Score capture and present data over time periods you define to allow you to see at a glance the health of your business. Raw number or performance against KPIs can be reported. Parameters can be compared and calculated to make reading as straightforward as possible. The design can be customised to your company with selectable fonts, colours, logos and so on and at the same time they can be adjusted for ultimate clarity ensuring the data they contain is easily absorbed. Many reports can be prepared to suit the different functions and needs of your team. Reports can then be delivered to your inbox and those of your team regularly and at times of your choosing.


See at a glance how your business is functioning using Score’s dashboard capability. Dashboards can be composed to suit your needs with different designs for different functions within your team. Dashboards can contain multiple graphs, charts, tables and other indicators to highlight key performances. They can include the output from the Analysis module accommodating complex calculations in the data they display. Another advanced dashboard function is the geographic maps available to display at a glance the relative performance of the different parts and areas of your organisation.


The data will tell you what is good and what is not so good but the Analysis module provides you with a tool to find the drivers and answer the question “why?” Equipped with tools to synthesize simple results from complex datasets and the freedom to roam around the data using nothing more taxing than drag and drop technology the Analysis tool is designed for both ad-hoc use and incorporation into standard regular output channels like, for example, Dashboards.


Expressia is a customer response terminal, a small keypad with five keys. It is used to measure customer satisfaction with the received service. Expressia is placed at a service counter so that a customer can easily use it after receiving service at the counter. The customer presses one of the five keys to indicate his / her satisfaction of the received service.

Main features of Expressia


Studies show that customers would always respond to feedback requests immediately after service. Expressia helps you get the feedback instantly.


Feedback is collected instantly and matched with the transaction. It can then be reported through the BI solutions centrally, branch wise or even staff wise.